Bastrop Tree Service
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Tree Trimming
Removing cross-over and sucker branches reduces weight and susceptibility of wind damage. Trimming dead branches eliminates falling hazards and damaging insect harbors. Pruning allows light and nurishment to the main canopy. Correct pruning promotes healing and eliminates water intrusion. Abscess from broken limbs must be treated to allow healing and prevent further damage.

Branches should be kept six feet away from structures, wires and roofs. Constant rubbing damages paint and roof surfaces. Leaves and debris that fill gutters should be removed to rid standing water. Don't allow trees to cost you extra repair bills.

Selectively removing inferior trees will allow desired trees to mature quicker and with full canopy. Rule of thumb - if in the drip line of desired tree, consider removing it.
Supporting main limbs by correctly installed cabling will reduce strain on weakened branches and not damage the tree.

General Tree Care
For information on care for your trees - see this outstanding International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) site: